Thursday, May 04, 2006

Long story short I was in a car accident the other day. I'm alright but now I get to wear an awesome sling on my left arm for a bit. My sweet as pie friend decoracted the sling for me. This is it for a while I'm on a lot of vicodin so that's why I'm able to sit down here and type. I'm going to be showing my videos May 10th so go check that out. So if you see me around give Slingy a shout out!

Wanna see my videos not on a computer screen? Want to witness my current projects? Then come on over to the Gaian Mind May 10th and you can see my vids and also some amazing musicians. So check it out at 8pm and there's a $4 suggested donation. I would do that since the Gaian Mind is a pretty rad space.

620 Pacific Ave Long Beach, CA 90802

Here are the musicians performing that night:

Last Days (traveling hobo apocalyptic accordion punks)
The Inkwell Rhythm makers (ragtime band)
Chantelle Tibbs (political/feminist, folk/soul)
David Wong(Folk/ Acoustic/ Folk-Rock/ Singer-Songwriter)

Go or be shamed!

620 Pacific Ave Long Beach, CA 90802 8pm

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