Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Right click on this image and save target as to see this video. The video shall explain all.

In other news I have begun work on a project to illustrate how I feel like an urban hermit. I live in this city, yet I never get a chance to really experience the city as far as interaction on a very personal level. My feet hardly ever touch the pavement. I am either in one capsule or another. I just work and sleep. Thus, I am an urban hermit. Los Angeles is not a pedestrian friendly city by any means. I wrote a great post about it last night, but blogger was acting weird and to my knowledge it did not get published. So I leave you with this brief feeling on urban hermitude. I love the architecture downtown and I am attracted to decaying objects so in that respect I love Los Angeles. I also feel a certain creepy undertone to most of the city. I do enjoy creepy undertones. But this is basically where I just live. I am not really a part of this city. Nor, do I really feel like I want to be close with it. I am more interested with the city's past and the story of many of the buildings and places that immediately surround my in my part of town. I hate driving very much.



I'm glad you didn't do it. I saw a yearning for death. Gazing into the past. Missing what once was? Stuck. Trapped, how did I get here? Why won't it stop. I want to make it stop... I'm glad you didn't do it. It wasn't just your videos that made me contact you, it was you. I didn't want to tell you this but I have to. I saw you and at that moment I knew I had to contact you. I was struck by your beauty, I was swept away by your poise. I'm glad you didn't do it.

L2 said...

I was struck by your inner booty.