Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I'm working on a new project about being an urban hermit. I'm always in one capsule (my car), or another capsule (the office), possibly home. I feel like I just observe the city and that I am not really a part of it. I have hardly ever really walked about thoroughly. I do have a tendency to go on long night drives all over the city. I LOVE driving through downtown at night. I love love love all of the old buildings. I love that this city has an odd creepy quality to it. If only there were more quality people within this city. I was going to ride my bike to work this morning for a change, but I went to bed extremely late so that did not happen. Good thing because it rained. I think that Wednesday I shall ride to work since it's going to be nice out. I just get nervous about riding home when it gets dark because bike lanes are somewhat scarce and people drive like asses. I hate driving. I really kind of hate Los Angeles. My upstairs neighbors are two loud scientologists with a stupid annoying dog. I hate scientologists. Back to editing.

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So, what is it that you actually do? I'm curious, film you say aye? Curious. Why is it you drive aimlessly? Or is your aim the eerie scenery of the old buildings. See, I would absolutely find myself doing that but I'd end up wandering into one of those buildings. LA. You hate kinda hate la? Are you there for work? I always wanted to go there for some strange reason. Then again when I was younger I wanted to go insaine. HA HA! I thought it was sexy. HA HA HA! Can't believe I wrote that!