Sunday, June 04, 2006

Videossssssssssssssss. I'm tired and lazy. End.

To start here are some Tom Tom Club videos. I love Tom Tom Club, and I think the Chicks on Speed covers aren't half bad either. "Wordy Rappinghood" is really an incredible track, it's so damn funky. One could say that they were ahead of their time, but I feel it more suitable to say that their music simply remains timely lo these many years later.

So this video is from an Italian television show. What I find great about this video, in addition to the robotic movements, is the announcer in the middle of the performance saying something about disco. I just like announcing I think. I also like carnies, and barking.

I love the jellyfish suit. I love mascot suits. I've always wanted a giant t-bone steak suit.

So I don't speak German, but apparently this clip is Nina Hagen explaining how she masturbates on German television. What makes it funny to me are the newspapers flipping onto the screen with stills from the tv show.

All I have to say about Nina Hagen is that she is amazingly awesome.

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