Friday, June 09, 2006

So like I was going to go to this midnight riders thing tonight. And before I left I was looking for my inhaler and I couldn't find it because I realized that it was in my backpack that was stollen like a week ago. And like I normally don't need my inhaler, but my apartment is like moldy from all the leaks and floods I've had in my apartment so I fucking go looking for my inhaler before I leave and I realize that some common criminal has my albuterol inhaler and I'm all okay I'll try it anyway. And fucking it's not far to Echo Park man, but I get all wheezy and I fucking have an asthma attack and I had to turn around and go home. It's so depressing. I was so stoked on going. I feel like such a nerd and like only now am I finally starting to breath normal again. INHALER. No this sucks. Saved By The Bell has me on speed dial for nerd casting. GOodnight.

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