Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I'm a combination of busy and busier at the moment. I am going to post a new video of my own soon. IT INVOLVES MY MOTHER'S VOICE. Exciting. My brain is dead. I worked late and long. Long and lean. Spleen. Suey. Louie. Garnish. So like my apartment is totally ghetto dungeon land (I need to clean it badly as well), but like the manager slid a note under my door the other day saying that my ceiling was going to be painted on account of its discoloration due to my numerous leaks. So I'm thinking it's the main one room that the apartment consists of since that's where the leaks were. So I get home and it didn't look any different. Then I go into my bathroom and my shower was racist white. There was nothing wrong with the shower paint! The other ceilings are still ugly...and worst of all my shower privacy was broken. They saw my graveyard of Miller fourteez. They must think the illest of me. No one is allowed to see that! The combination of apartment squalor and shower fourteez must equal raging alcoholic to the management. At least I still have my dignity...

After my funeral at Dollywood and I float up to St. Peter's pearly gates...I want Klaus Nomi to meet me there.

I want to go to the mountains and get an innertube and float in a mountain lake.

Best dollar ever.

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