Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Man, I'm cracking up here. I'm just cracking up! My ceiling is leaking in a million new places. Since like December man, December! It's just disgusting. This nasty brown water just everywhere. It's like a biblical flood. I'm in no mood either. My back and left side just kill me all day long. How much is it to ask to just come home and be able to rest? How hard is it to come home to the place that you pay to live at and just relax? I'm just at my wits end here. I just can't get comfortable. It's so damp in here and I have to have the window cracked and the fan going. It's basicaly raining inside my apartment. This is still better than living with my last roommate in Echo Park. Where's my mail, huh? Where is my mail?

Silent Hill is worth seeing for only one ultra sweet scene.

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