Friday, April 28, 2006

It has been one of those days I guess you could say. I feel like fuckin' shit up y'all! No, I'm just going to finish off my supply of fourteez and sake. Classy. Oh. and watch Cabaret and 8 1/2. So I'm feeling a whole lot better now though. Why?! Why, because I'm listening to the not yet released (because I'm radically special) spankin' Sonic Youth album Rather Ripped. FBI don't worry I'm not a pirate! My computer crashes enough as it is. But hellz yeah this album thus far through my listening escapade is FANTASTICALLY AWESOME. It sounds a lot popier, but it just might be the album I beat to death this Summer. Least those around me forget how I beat Sonic Nurse to death. I think I want to dance now more than fuck shit up. Doesn't that sound eloquent?

"My Dearest, I fear that I might be heading down the footpath of fucking shit up if my hysterical emotions do not soon subside."

I'm looking at getting a new amp right now. Not right now right now, but within the next few months. I'm looking at either getting another Traynor YB1, Musicman sixty-five, or if I can find one for the right price perhaps an earlier Fender silverface reverb or a Bandmaster head. I'm into have a head and a 2x12 cab right now. I've have combos for like the past decade besides my YB1 that I had in high school. I would just play it through a cab when I worked at the guitar store though. I never actually bought a cab. Oh, to be young and have little to no expenses again. I was a complete moron to sell my Roland Alphajuno, Korg ER-1 and MicroKORG, sampler, Fender Standard Strat, Musicmaster, Gibson SG Standard, and that little Roland keyboard amp. Oh well. I just sold a moded silverface Fender reverb about eight months ago, but I don't regret that. It was wayyy too loud and huge. It was a moded beast.

If I'm in the mood maybe I'll put up another super special riot grrrl video soon. I want to dress to impress and hunt down video of Kicking Giant.


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