Thursday, February 16, 2006

I think my favorite story headline from yesterday is "Paris Hilton Declares Her Own Album Hott." My favroite visual from yesterday is the "S" on the Sears building on Santa Monica is out so it just says "EARS."

That man "riding" the dolphin use to hang at this little breakfasty place in the Castro called Little Orphan Andy's. At first glance I was already enchanted with the erotic image. Upon close inspection as to what's happening with the blow hole I began to squeal with glee and snap pictures. God the camera on my new phone sucks. The one below I took when I had my sweet little Samsung phone. Dear Motorola, the camera on your phones sucks. Stop.

I want hot chocolate, a fleece blanket, and to go back to bed. There was a horrible cover band playing at the Kibitz room last night. Dramarama cover=not cool. Following said Dramarama cover with a Violent Femmes cover, followed by a Black Sabbath cover=even more annoying since you played really loud. This old woman who worked there said, "This band is blowing my mind!"

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