Thursday, February 02, 2006

I like the dots. Dots are good. I finally got my car back from the shop today after a day and one half and I am not satisfied! No sir. Of course I had to think green and get the diesel vehical. Sure the lure of fantastic fuel economy tickled my fantasies, but at what price? WHAT PRICE I ASK YOU? Vincent Price? No, now I have to find a diesel specialist. Is that like an obgyn?

I think that I have seen every Brokeback parody available. Yet, I remain to see the actual film. Why go to the movies when I have Netflix? Why leave the confines of my shoe box apartment? Tomorrow I need to go somewhere where there is cable so I may watch Grizzly Man on Discovery channel. I've been wanting to see that film for so long! I even missed Werner Herzog in the flesh at the Beverly. If I knew he was going to be there I would have been there. Bless you Germans, I forgive you for massacreing my people. I feel like I am exposed to Brokeback-themed media all day so it has seeped into my cranium. The other night whilst attempting to clean my apartment I came across my beloved old Dukes of Hazzard folders. I have this one of Bo and Luke Duke together. So I cut out word bubbles, pasted them onto the folder and posted it up outside my door. It went like this:

Luke: "I wish I knew how to quit you, Bo!"

Bo: "But we's cousins Tom Wopat!"

Perhaps I can get a picure up. Regardless, I have been reading All About Love by Bell Hooks lately. It's really amazing. I have been so introspective/retrospective as of late. It has been causing me to be crafty. Crafty caused me to buy lots of sculpy. Now I have begun creating sea creatures out of sculpy. Oh Bell Hooks, what can't you do? Can you ride a unicycle?

I found that "Specs Appeal" dvd at the Pleasure Chest in West Hollywood. I thought that was pretty funny seeing as though I myself wear glasses. I've got specs appeal. I also have strangely bendable digits.

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