Thursday, May 24, 2007

Miranda July is totally one of my favorite artists ever. I feel the need to state that I am an og Miranda July fan as somehow that may make me better than you? Buuut ever since I heard Kid Co-Coma on UCSB's npr station when I was like 13 or 14 (now I'm old and haggard) I become totally enchanted by her and after seeing her videos felt that my love of video as an art form had been validated. So yes, the above is Miranda July in the new Blonde Redhead for a track whose title does not really matter.

it appears as though somebody has videoed some of Miranda July's shorts from the Big Miss Moviola tapes off of their tv and uploaded them the wasteoftimeTUBE.

Atlanta (1996)

Getting Stronger Every Day (2001)

I need to purchase a new Joanie4Jackie tape seeing as though mine broke after so many viewings.

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