Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Customer service is completely horrible. Just in general. Time Warner cable took 3 weeks to NOT install my cable so I canceled the service before it even began. Not to mention the bitchy installation fellow who kept making snappy remarks at me assuming that I'm so wealthy suit and tie which makes absolutely no sense. I just wanted my damned cable and internet installed. Then on multiple occasions Fedex fails to deliver my packages on time or follow the instructions that I leave for them making it pointless to pay for faster shipping. Dare I mention how hard it is to get a doctor's office to return a phone call or even provide care? Oh least we forget how horrible it is to deal with a cell phone company like T-mo or Cingular...I mean ATT. Oh yes, and the bank not properly re-routing a new account and closing the wrong account. And finally the blessed credit card company whom makes a mistake on their end and then charges me for it.

My latest run-in with Fedex has just made me think of how much I hate the way companies treat their customers.

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