Friday, March 16, 2007

I just watched this video and I am absolutely disgusted. Watch this video, then read below.

So, here is a comment that I left on the video site where I first saw this clip...

When Joe Rogan first went ape shit on some college kid on myspace, I thought he was a douche. When Joe Rogan went after Carlos Mencia, I didn't care because Carlos Mencia still isn't funny despite the fact that he steals all of his material. Joe must be jealous that he gets to be the host of Fear Factor (canceled?), while Carlos has an entire show devoted to his horrible routine. Joe Rogan is a self-righteous asshat, but aside from that I do not like this perpetuation of the machismo as well as the testicular praise of the machismo. Between this, the Dr. Laura clip (Dr. Laura is a disgusting hate monger), and some of the comments I have continually read on this site I am becoming more angry and disgusted. The level of written aggression is startling. The mere title of this video "Joe Rogan vs. Feminist" might as well say "Joe Rogan reinforces that all women are cunts." This video has nothing to do with feminism (which EVERYBODY should be a feminist because everyone deserves equality and respect no matter what sex - men are feminists too), this video has everything to do with an altercation between two inflated egos. Joe's physical aggression towards Lydia is also appalling.

As a side note, if you are not familiar with Teenage Jesus and the Jerks you should be.

The comment I feel sums up my general disgust at this clip, as well my disgust at all of the 14 year old boys, and men who live on the internet and act like 14 year old boys. On the video site where I found this clip a video of Dr. Laura on O'rielly was posted about a week ago in praise of her backwards marriage advice.

PS - I don't care about marriage or any trivial problems involving marriage because guess what? It's not legal for me to express my love in the form of a binding legal document that has to be state approved. I endlessly weep over not being able to file a joint tax form with my scandalous , Paul Verhoeven-directed lesbian lover.


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