Wednesday, June 14, 2006

So here's a video that I made about four or so years ago. This video was purposely made long and edited to a slow ass bad pace. The original intention of this video was to test my "Woody Allen Theory," which is that if you put any piece of footage to some jump jazz the footage will instantly become quirky. But forget about that and just look at my kitty. Look at Miss Laura. Look at her. Isn't she rotund and plentiful? She is ADORABLE. My love for Miss Laura is ENDLESS. She's about thirteen now and still obese, but has been on a new diet/eating regime for about a month that has allowed her to shed some pounds. She was 21 pounds at her largest and inchargest, but now I would say she might be around 17. I can finally carry her easily up my rickety ladder into my rickety loft bed (ladies) so now she can assume her old position of sleeping at my feet. She's my biggins! I do hate the loft bed, but fear getting rid of it as long as I'm in the basement. I'd much rather have the water leak on my bed as opposed to my computer. So behold my Miss Laura.

The Cat Bath on Vimeo

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