Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Oh my god, it's time for more...RIOT GRRRL VIDEOS.

But before I get to the videos I feel like writing about the nature of violence. Perhaps it is better suited to call it the culture of violence. More specifically violence towards women. I am a non-violent soul. There have been very few times that I have raised my fists. The few times that has occurred were in self defense. It was like that animal instinct from deep within my brain took over my body and acted to protect my person. But enough about my ex-girlfriend. I can't understand people who fight, just to fight. To physically fight is almost like rape, to just exert power needlessly over another individual. Why? Why concentrate so much useless negativity? Some d-bag says something negative about you, why deck them? Why waste energy acknowledging other people's negativity? Why is it that people say that somebody "asks for it?" Does anybody truly ask to be needlessly injured? Does any one person vocally say, "Please exude brute force upon my person?" I was watching some videos of GG Allin the other day. He has been turned into a Hot Topic tshirt icon. I am sickened by just the shameless violence he showed towards women, and really any person for that matter. Just generally today I was thinking about the different types of violence. This disgusting visual violence pressed into the faces of the public by the media. The verbal violence we exchange with one another. Like tonight, my friend thought this woman was pulling out of a parking space, so she pulled behind her. The woman had plenty of space to adjust her car. Her male companion stood outside of her vehicle uselessly, thus leading my friend and myself to further believe that he was being dropped off and that the driver was going to leave. This woman gets out of her car and says something about how we're not in a parking space and we're in her way and need to move. She was so damn rude! Holy christ! That is such an LA thing to speak to somebody in such a shitty manner. Many people in LA are rude on a scale that I believe does not occur en mass in anywhere else. I don't like this city. I also don't like machismo videos with hard rock and titties. It makes me angry. I'm thinking myself to death. Now, videos. So many damn good videos!

"Stay Away" is great because it's like musical arsenic.

So, the following Bikini Kill videos are from a '96 performance. Finally I got some Bikini Kill up on here.

This is one of my favorite Sleater-Kinney songs ever! The energy! Fantastic.

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