Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Numbing ones brain via pills is interesting and blank. The vicodine I was taking to subdue the pain from my accident made me moody and feel a bit crazy. Coming off of the vicodine also makes me moody. I desire for the detox/cleanse to be complete. In the mean time I needed to quiet my brain. Sometimes I make so many videos so quickly in addition to other art projects that I make my mind too jumbled. I become enveloped into the art and forget to think about other things. I need quiet brain time. Oh dear, it sounds like a manic episode! Hooray! But it's all good. I need quiet time. I'm planning to go back East to Boston and NYC to visit friends and family. They are one in the same. I've just had too much going on. It has been an insane month; a car accident, dealing with the car accident and subsequent pain, apartment flood, paperwork, it's an overload. That in addition to editing/planning my video performance pieces. So I'm tired. Conclusion, I need a vacation where I sleep a lot and just relax. I can't wait to go to NYC and Boston. I miss my Papa Kurt and Grammie sooooooooooooooooo damn much. I miss my beloved friend Jenkneefur as well. Soon. Sleep.

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