Wednesday, April 26, 2006

So, I just decided to do a weekly thing with this blog for riot grrrl and possibly queercore videos. Oh no. Oh no. Oh yeah! Just as an fyi if anybody cares, my vlog/blog experiment project has ended. Why? It got too creepy. I live a life off the internet and made myself feel uncomfortable by engulfing myself into a world of zeros and ones. But this is still a blog right? Yeah, but it's not delving into my deepest most personal desires. When I go home at the end of the day I try not to touch my computer period, which is hard since I'm always messing with a video or get hooked into a game of snood. I was beginning to tip toe into the realm of primal scream therapy, but have since been inspired to try surrounding myself and covering my apartment in super positive affirmations for at least a week. I wonder if I will feel the way Lisa Frank looks at the end of the week?

Anyways without further ado here is installment one of Riot Grrrl Video Ho Down! It was tough to choose which one, but I think Bratmobile is a good starting point. So enjoy.

PS-I saw my first Juno 60 at a Bratmobile show.

To go along with Riot Grrrl Video Ho Down here are two Bmob tracks that I find particularly enjoyable.

Kiss and Ride

Where Eagles Dare - Where Eagles Dare is of course a Misfits cover featuring vocals by the irrepressible Slim Moon.

Remember kids, right click to download and save them there tracks.

Riot not quiet!

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